Agile Quality Improvement

Do you want to improve the quality of the product that you deliver to your customer?

Does improving the implemented process not bring you the desired quality or do you feel like you can not improve any further?

Is test-automation not the silver bullet they promised it to be?

Then you probably need some proper Agile Quality Improvement.

We offer you a customer-tailored improvement program in which we take your team to the next level.

We developed a program in which we take your teams to the next level in quality, independant on which level you are right now.

We start with an exploration of the company, culture, processes, teams and people in the teams.

Then we tailor our team workshop ´Next Level Agile Quality´ and run this workshop with the team(s). This workshop can be adjusted for each specific team if needed.

The next step is to select 1 or 2 quality enablers in each team and help them in facilitating quality in the team by our ´Professional Agile Tester´ training.

The last and most important step is coaching the team by being an active member of the team and support the quality enablers to practice the theory in real life under way more difficult situations and way more complex environments then a course can ever bring.

What is your gain?

  • Less dependant on external consultants
  • Quality of your software improves
  • Your agility level improves
  • The solution is tailored to your needs and the level of existing agility, test quality and the skills and possibilities of your employees
    • we bring everybody to a basic level
    • we bring a smaller group to an advanced level
    • we bring a few champions to the expert level
    • this guarantees a solid base of knowledge in your company and getting the best out of your employees at their own level and interests

Have we done this before?

Yes. We are currently implementing this solution at MN pension services and at the Ministry of Defense and many other clients are interested in the solution.