DAT presents: Fairly Drunk Unicorns

Based on our vampire unicorn fairytale, we got creative and wrote us a song. 

Come along with us to the ATD and find out more? 

Are you a tester and a musician, come work for us and join the band!

Are you a tester and no musician, still join us!


We gotta save the unicorns 

Performance by The Fairly Drunk Unicorns 

Music by Unicorn Longhurst 

Lyrics by Unicorn Testy and Unicorn Depresty 



(I am) building a rainbow machine 

The witch wants us to die 

Oh no, i see a bug 

The dark rainbow hits the sky 

We gotta 


Run run run from the vampire ‘corns 

We got to save our damn souls, fight this very bad dream 

We gotta --- stay safe and get back to Potsdam 

To learn about good agile testing, we are the team  


Now help us save the unicorns, save the unicorns 


.... keep posted for more ....

Naar het overzicht

Alain Bultink | Managing Director

Benno Kuipers | Directeur