Serious stuff as well

Off course we have fun with things like Fairly Drunk Unicorns. However we also participate at the ATD with some knowledge sharing: On tuesday 22th our dear friend Martijn Nas will perform the opening keynote: "Any dramatic elephants in the room?" On tuesday as well, Justine Verstockt and Ineke Bauwens, organise a workshop "Negotiation: Lees meer »

Videoclip We gotta save the Unicorns

We present to you the video of Fairly Drunk Unicorns - We gotta save the Unicorns. With a special introduction by James Labrie of DreamTheater! Lees meer »

Trailer release 'We gotta save the unicorns'

This wednesday the official release is planned for the song 'We gotta save the unicorns' by Fairly Drunk Unicorns. Lees meer »

Reveal new song by FDU

Lees meer »

Sneak preview

Curious already? More is coming soon, but off course the best way is to join us in Postdam in November and have an exclusive meet and greet with the band members! Lees meer »

New Logo

News from our manager: We like to present our new flashy, classy, styly, unique, beautiful band logo: Lees meer »

DAT presents: Fairly Drunk Unicorns

Based on our vampire unicorn fairytale, we got creative and wrote us a song. Come along with us to the ATD and find out more? Are you a tester and a musician, come work for us and join the band! Are you a tester and no musician, still join us! We gotta save the unicorns Performance by The Fairly Drunk Unicorns Music by Unicorn Longhurst Lyrics b... Lees meer »

The vampire unicorn fairytale

A fairytale by unicorn Testy and unicorn Depresty Once upon a time, there was a happy unicorn building a rainbow machine. This rainbow machine is to protect the unicorns from the evil witch. As soon as the rainbow machine was finished, the happy unicorn switched on the machine to test it. Unfortunately something goes wrong: Lees meer »

Alain Bultink | Managing Director

Benno Kuipers | Directeur