The vampire unicorn fairytale

A fairytale by unicorn Testy and unicorn Depresty 



Once upon a time, there was a happy unicorn building a rainbow machine. This rainbow machine is to protect the unicorns from the evil witch. 

As soon as the rainbow machine was finished, the happy unicorn switched on the machine to test it. Unfortunately something goes wrong: oh no, due to a bug in the machine it produces a ‘dark’ rainbow instead of a happy rainbow. 

The dark rainbow hits the happy unicorns and transforms them into vampire unicorns. 

The happy unicorn runs to her friends to get help, but her friends do not like her anymore and do not want to help the, now sad, unicorn. Defeated and disappointed she walks back home and she does not look at the rainbow machine anymore. 


In the meanwhile, hundreds of happy unicorns are having a conference in Potsdam: The Agile Testing Days. A testival that is all about learning, creating and perfection. And this year they are all together doing a project to build a perfect huge rainbowmachine. Our sad unicorn is also there, unhappy as her version of the machine was not perfect. 


When the new huge rainbow machine is almost finished, the evil witch appears. She hunts down the happy unicorns with here magic stick. The evil witch wants to harvest the horns as they have magical powers. One by one, the happy unicorns are transformed to nohorncorns. The happy unicorns have no chance of escaping. Suddenly the sad unicorn overcomes her shyness and resentment and she aimes her dark rainbow machine at the evil witch. 

Because of the machine the evil witch suddenly transforms into a beautiful good fairy. 


All the unicorns honnor the sad unicorn and the now good fairy and all together they aim the huge new rainbowmachine at all the vampire unicorns and they all transform back into happy unicorns.  


Together they all sing: We saved the unicorns, all the unicorns, all the unicorns.


Be patient and wait for our next revelation about the very special surprise of DAT@ATD2022

Naar het overzicht

Alain Bultink | Managing Director

Benno Kuipers | Directeur